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    Demo FLEX3 application

    Mark Norton  29 September 2010 04:15:05 PM
    Attached is a simple Flex3 Application which has been constructed in order to show how a Flex based client application is able to make calls to a server component which in turn makes use of Idiom Rules.

    On the Flex side GraniteDS is used so that Flex components can call java based service objects. GraniteDS with Spring was used rather than POJO's as Spring would provide for more robustness should the application need to be expanded upon in the future. Although it is not at all necessary for the Flex to Idiom demonstration, the services layer has also been exposed as a RESTful webservice. This provides an example of how additional integration points could be used in the future as well as being useful for testing.

    1)  Please double click on the zip file to download.  

    2) Open flex builder

    3) File -> Import -> Flex Builder

    4) Choose the archive file

    5) Hit the finish button and the project will then be imported

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