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      Avoid the legacy systems trap

      Mark Norton  28 March 2013 11:10:07 AM
      In this interesting article by Matt Asay*, he describes a world that is withdrawing from the large legacy infrastructures (Oracle, IBM, SAP, Microsoft are quoted). As the financial headwinds build up, those that stay with these vendors are going to find a world of increasing cost for relatively less investment by the vendors in their products.

      Assuming this to be true, the question becomes: ‘how do I protect myself and create options that allow me to move when I have to’.

      IDIOM Decision Models are a technology independent representation of core business IP. By building up a library of decision models that capture the organizations core IP, any move to alternatives including open source and/or cloud based service infrastructures, is made dramatically easier. Simply regenerate the source code, and (possibly) wrap into different software wrappers according to the target infrastructure.

      There are significant benefits that accrue before any transition takes place, so this is a positive move with a free ride on the ‘freedom to move’ when needed. With the corporate IP safely sitting in decision models, which are themselves represented in XML, logical English, and source code (Java, C#, others possible), there need never be another legacy system.