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      Schema Design Hint for IDIOM Developers

      Mark Norton  28 April 2014 10:00:58 AM
      The current favored design pattern for IDIOM related applications usually requires that each instance of the core transaction document be stored in a database. That is, over its life a document is stored many times.

      Also, IDIOM Decision Manager is typically used to address large commercial problems. This results in transaction context documents that often go to hundreds of thousands of nodes.

      Multiple copies and large documents can result in bloated data storage and excessive DOM instantiation times. The point of this brief post is to highlight that full use should be made of attributes in schema design. In early stages of development elements can be used to provide more flexibility, but any long lived design should have elements that are in fact attributes (that is, they are atomic values) converted to schema attributes before work progresses on any final design.

      Also, pay careful attention to naming standards, be consistent, and conduct a check for typo’s etc. immediately post POC and at each regular rules release.